Game play highlights

  • Underwater puzzle game with two talking fish playing the role of secret agents
  • Another six creatures with unique abilities join the player's team in the course of the game
  • More than a hundred mind-boggling levels based on simple yet very interesting game mechanics
  • Colorful and animated environments, both underwater and on the shore
  • Interesting and funny story told via rendered sequences and witty in-game dialogues
  • Branching levels structure ensures the player can always continue with a different puzzle should he get stuck somewhere
  • Lots of bonus stuff to be found and unlocked by the player
  • Level editor, allowing the fans to create new missions and campaigns that can be downloaded to the game.
  • An option to upload your results to the internet, to be eligible for contests with valuable prices.

Expected HW requirements

  • MS Windows® XP or 2000
  • Intel Pentium® III or AMD® Athlon 1,2GHz
  • 256 RAM
  • Any 3D graphic card with 32 MB memory
  • Soundcard
  • 750 MB hard disk space