September 12th, 2008
Christmas gifts on Sprocket
Try your luck and win out five IDEA Games's titles, including Fish Fillets 2. Join in at Sprocket's.
March 13th, 2008
Fish Fillets 2 Editor is here!

One year after a release of the brilliant logical game Fish Fillets 2 is also released an editor of campaigns and rooms for fans, which you can download on

Have you finished Fish Fillets and been waiting for more? Are you skilled enough to create more challenging missions then the original developers? Or just want to spend extra time with this tempting game?

Your time is coming now. Authors of the logical puzzle game Fish Fillets 2 have prepared a public editor to create fan missions or even full campaigns!

June 5th, 2007
New forum skin

Fish Fillets 2 official forum has a new skin, which was made to match the atmosphere of both the game and this website. Just take a look by youreslf!

May 18th, 2007
93/100 in another english review!

Fish Fillets 2 is a fantastic puzzle game and is very addictive, easily as good as the classic game Tetris. I highly recommend Fish Fillets 2 for anyone even remotely interested in puzzle games.


May 7th, 2007
Interview with the winner

Karel Rouc (KR) is the player who was the first to finish all 112 rooms and to get all 80 stars and thus won the Nintendo Wii in our competition. When accepting the price, he gave us an interview on his Fish Fillets experience and more. The interview is here.

May 3rd, 2007
First english review - The Foxhole rewards 4,5/5!

If you had to play only one puzzle game in your life, Fish Fillets 2 would definitely be the one. If you want to play something in family, this is also a must have because of the fact that it is suited for anybody from 7 to 77 years old and over... And let's face it, the need to train our neurones increases with age.

The Foxhole

March 29th, 2007
Patch for Fish Fillets 2

There were some problems reported with Fish Fillets 2 crashing with some GeForce 8800 graphic cards. This was caused by an unexpected bug in fullscreen mode the game loads up automatically for the first time. Following patch will solve these problems.

This patch also resolves the problems with the game crashing when the server refuses to accept your results during the automatic upload.

March 26th, 2007
New Fish-Fillets 2 trailer is out!

We have released a new Fish Fillets 2 trailer, which can be downloaded from our Downloads section.

March 19th, 2007
We have a winner for the Wii contest!

Yesterday, 12:17 CET, player KR finished all 112 levels, and collected all 80 starfish, and thus won the main contest. Karel Rouc, 29 year old IT administrator from Usti nad Labem (Czech Republic), has finished the game in less than two weeks, with the help of his 23 year old brother, a college student.
Congratulations, and hats off.

March 15th, 2007
Official Fish Fillets 2 forum reconstructed

In the past several days, the official Fish Fillets 2 forum was under construction and there were some significant changes made. The most important one for players is a creation of the Support subcategory, where you can report game bugs, post your suggestions or ask tech support for help with any technical issues you encounter in the game.